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How will getting a box of condoms every month help save wildlife?

Your tax-deductible monthly gift of $22 will support the Center’s groundbreaking work to halt wildlife extinctions and secure a future for all species. Monthly giving ensures that our lawyers, campaigners, scientists, and creative media experts can move quickly — whether it’s standing up against wolf-killing or fending off the latest attack on our public lands and oceans.

You can join the fight too. Each month, along with your condoms, we’ll send you an action you can take to help save wildlife.

Why would an environmental organization make its own line of condoms?

There are nearly 8 billion people on the planet, and we’re adding 227,000 more every day. The devastating effects of rapid human population growth are painfully clear, including destruction of wildlife habitat, species extinctions, sprawling cities and polluted air and water. Species abundant in North America just two centuries ago — from the woodland bison of West Virginia and Arizona’s Merriam’s elk to Rocky Mountain grasshoppers, passenger pigeons, and Puerto Rico’s Culebra parrots — have been wiped out by growing human numbers and our increasing demands on the planet.

That’s why the Center for Biological Diversity launched our Endangered Species Condoms project in 2009. Wrapped in colorful, wildlife-themed packages, our condoms offer a fun, unique way to get people talking about the link between human population growth and the extinction crisis.

I’m new to the Center for Biological Diversity. Where can I learn more about what you do?

You can read more about the Center for Biological Diversity’s impact here.

Are the condoms sustainable?

 Yes, Endangered Species Condoms contain b condoms, which are odorless, vegan friendly, all natural, and free of spermicide, animal products (organic), parabens, casein, gluten and glycerin. The condoms are also packaged with 100% recycled paperboard and vegetable inks. No wasteful cellophane or plastics are involved. Visit the b condom website to learn more about their focus on supporting the Black community and social justice.

Can I give the condoms to someone else?

Yep, you sure can.  All you have to do is select the option: “This is a gift” on the sign-up form. Don’t forget to give them a heads up about the fun package they can expect and why safe sex can save wildlife.

Can I anonymously give condoms to someone?

Only if you order them for yourself to then give to whomever you’d like. We share your first and last name with the recipient when you sign up through our form.

What happens if the person I give the condoms to doesn’t want to receive them anymore?

In that case, we’ll reach out about canceling your gift and give you the option to give the condoms to someone else or continue your monthly support. 

If I don’t need the condoms, can I still give monthly to support the work to stop extinctions?

Naturally. You can sign up for a monthly gift to the Center that fits your budget here.

Can I increase my monthly gift to do even more good for wildlife?

Yes, please. You can increase the amount of your monthly gift by signing into the member portal.

I need to update the mailing address where the condoms should be sent.

You can check out this member portal to make changes to your address.

I have a question and need to talk to someone about it.

You can email us at or call us at (520) 345-5723.